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Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC )

Calcined petroleum coke is a product obtained from the high temperature treatment of specified feed-stocks. The feed-stocks (raw petroleum coke) are derived from the distillation of petroleum crude in delayed cokers. Raw petroleum coke is a hard brittle substance, shiny and oily in appearance, very rich in fixed carbon with a very low ash content.

Raw petroleum coke is calcined before it can be usefully employed for various applications in industries as diverse as graphite to metallurgy. Calcination consists of heating raw petroleum coke to rid it of volatiles causing it to shrink to obtain dense and strong particles.

We produce high quality calcined petroleum coke in two basic grades. High Density (HD) and Normal Density (ND). The properties of these grades are tabulated below.

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Graphite Powder

Graphite Powder We are one of the famous natural Graphite Powder and natural graphite Flakes suppliers.

Are you interested in the wholesale graphite powder?

If yes then you stand at the right place. Different types of industrial graphite powder and natural graphite powder are available at Mass Graphite. We offer industrial graphite powder and natural graphite flakes and powder at the most economical price.

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Metallurgical Coke

We are the reputed Metallurgical Coke exporter and supplier, which is a non melting carbon. With the loss volatile gases and partial melting, it appears glassy in some specimens. Metallurgical Coke has low volatile content and the ash constituents remain encapsulated in the resultant coke. Metallurgical Coke is available in a wide range of sizes as per the requirement. Metallurgical Coke purities range from 88-92% fixed carbon and it is also available in low, medium and high grades.

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