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Our company offers fluorspar lumps in different grades and the purity of fluorspar lumps varies from CaF2 90% to CaF2 95% min. It caters to the varied requirements of a very large number of industries. Fluorspar is a halide mineral consisting of calcium fluoride. It has a relatively low melting point and the mineral is widely used as an important flux in smelting. Depending on the varied grades of purity, the Fluorspar lumps finds various industrial uses. The lowest of the three available grades, the metallurgical grade fluorite, is used as a flux to decrease the melting point of raw material in steel production for the removal of impurities.

Chemically Bentonite is Hydrated Aluminum Silicate. The greatest application of Bentonite is in oil drilling. Great quantities of Bentonite are used in drilling mud.In paint industry it is used as a thickener in some cheap paints, primers, and water based coatings. It is used in manufacture of cheap greases.

Note: We can offer specifications and size are as per customer requirement
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