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We are offering to our clients, Perlite Ore, which is used in sectors like construction, horticulture along with other industrial applications. The heat resistance property of this dark grey granular material makes it ideal for manufacturing refractory bricks, mortars and pipe insulation.

Perlite is a type of volcanic siliceous rock, containing 2-5% combined or occluded water. When crushed up and heated under proper conditions it “pops” like popcorn, expanding to 20 or more times its original volume. It is these tiny glass sealed bubbles which account for light weight and excellent thermal insulation properties.

The expansion process also creates one of perlite’s most distinguishing:
Characteristics: It’s white in colour.

Introduction: Expanded perlite is an economical insulation for high and low temperature and cryogenic applications. It is widely used because of its low thermal conductivity, cost, non-combustibility and low moisture retention. Perlite loose fill insulation provides dependable results at temperatures ranging from -273°C to 1000°C. it is widely used to insulate Cold box or air separation units.

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